Resources for Product Management and Leadership

One of the key traits of successful product managers is to read a lot and keep up to date on new developments, techniques, and frameworks. What works well for others and what does not?

I offer the following resources for you to find quick answers on product management and leadership problems.

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The Digital Product Management Stack

The Digital Product Management Stack is a Product Management Resource List that contains more than 800 hand-picked resources at your fingertips. The articles revolve around product management, engineering, and product leadership.

Improved Product Leadership - Quick & Easy - Pre-Selected.

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The Book of Software Team Structures

Create Better Software Product Teams

Org charts, career level templates, role description, communication flows and much more.

It will help you master the art of creating high-performance product teams.

You should read this book if you are a product leader or engineering leader (Group, Director, Head, VP, CPO, CTO, etc.) 😎 If you're new to the job and thinking about how to improve your team, this is for you.

🔥 Create better team structures

🔥 Set up industry-leading communication flows

🔥 Learn how product managers and engineers can communicate best

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The Book of Software Analytics & Metrics

Measure success and find the right metrics to do so.

This guidebook is full of carefully curated links to publicly available resources. Topics revolve around analytics, metrics, measurements, and goal achievement. This book will help you determine the right way to measure success, and find the right metrics to do so.

🔥 Understand where you stand in terms of goal achievement

🔥 Detect problems early

🔥 Have a clear overview of your product and business

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The Book of Software Product Pricing

Improve Pricing and Monetization of your Software Product

This guidebook contains links to 13 carefully curated, publicly available price structures, monetization strategies and analyses. It will help you master the art of finding just the right price and monetization model for your software product.

🔥 Ace your pricing strategy

🔥 Choose ideal price structures

🔥 Monetize customer value as good as possible

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The Book of Product Management Recruiting

Level Up your Product Management Recruiting

Principles and interview questions that will help you master the art of hiring smart product people. 😎

🔥 Get clarity about whom to hire

🔥 Establish your own set of principles based on the templates linked

🔥 Ask good questions in interviews that go beyond the usual textbook

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Advice / Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching

I offer consulting services for product managers and newly promoted managers (Head of Product, VP Product, Director Product, etc.)

One major reason to consult me: I have plenty of direct product management experience! (15 years in different companies and industries, all software.)

My experience: On-premise/ Cloud. Native apps/ web apps/ mobile apps/ web portals. All including backends. Plus processes without frontend.

I have been a product manager, product owner, product management coach, manager of product managers, and Head of Product.

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