Advice - Mentoring - Coaching - Consulting for Product Managers and Leaders

I offer consulting services for product managers and newly promoted managers (Head of Product, VP Product, Director Product, etc.)

The Offer

If you have a particular product management problem in tech, I offer consulting calls. The calls are one hour each, and I will give you my opinion and suggestions for your situation. I will not make your decisions; but I will inspire you and show possibilities. You will also learn what worked and what didn’t work in my experience.

If I feel that I honestly cannot help you, I will tell you and refund any payments.

Mentoring, coaching, or quick advice - you know best what you need.

Why Choose Me?

One major reason to consult me: I have plenty of direct product management experience! (15 years in different companies and industries, all software.)

I have seen the industries of Audio products, Web Hosting Platforms, Business Communications, Insurance Processes, IT Service Management, SAP Consulting.

I have build products for small companies, SMBs and large enterprises.

I have build products on-premise and in the cloud. I have build native apps, web apps, mobile apps, and websites, each with the corresponding backend.

I have been a product manager, product owner, product management coach, manager of product managers, and Head of Product.

For more details, have a look at my Linkedin profile.

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I can help you with the following topics:

  • Discovery and Delivery

  • Team Structures

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Business Models

  • Pricing

  • Product Strategy

  • Goal Setting

  • Roadmapping

  • Prioritization

I can not help you much with the following topics (while I do know a thing or two about them, there are better experts out there):

  • Politics within large enterprises

  • Choosing a good technical architecture

  • Details about User Experience Design, Usability

The Details

Payment is due upfront. You will receive an invoice. The price is relatively low for the moment, but not forever.

I am currently working full-time, so my calendar is not open. I will connect with you after purchase to find a timeslot that fits for both of us. I am based in Europe at CET (UTC+1) and will be available during usual business hours.

English and German are the languages that I can work fluently in.

In the rare case that something should not work out (We can't find a timeslot, Language barriers, I really can't help you), I will refund you - no risk on your side.

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Book now!

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