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A blog at the intersection of leadership and product management.

Hi, I’m Benedikt. I am a product leader in tech. Having been a software product manager and people leader for most of my professional life, I think a lot about all things related to digital product management and modern leadership.

I write about product management and leadership of software, hardware, Cloud, SaaS, platforms, mobile, and general connected solutions.

Keywords of topics that I will write about: product management, product leadership, team structure, agile, leading other people without authority, managing people directly, vision, strategy, roadmaps, and many more.

Posts will occur irregularly.

More about me on Linkedin.

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“Excellent actionable product advice for product managers!”
Amy Mitchell, Product Management IRL

“Benedikt is thought-provoking. He will point to common practices and help you understand why they distract you instead of enabling growth.”

— David Pereira, Untrapping Product Teams

“Leading in Product is a hidden gem in the world of product management and leadership.”
— Elena Calvillo, Product Release Notes

“Benedikt has a great take on actionable ways product managers can improve their team's and their own day-to-day lives.”
— Mike Watson, Product Party

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Long-term product manager in tech, product leader and mentor.